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new products and innovative cycles of application are adjusted every day



Products for internal and external use, suitable for various constructions



Finishes with remarkable decorative outcome

New products 2014


New antifouling red boat up to 25 knots


convidio pulevel decoro RITAGLIO

convivio pulevel ottoconvivio pulevel tavolo ritaglio giusto

Design of thick transparent resin for decoration, for inclusions in

3) COIB 250 (SHIELD COAT 250)


Insulating for industry and building resistant up to a temperature of 250° for insulation pipes, tanks, valves and various structures

4) COIB 600 (SHIELD COAT 600)

2012-05-18-025 RITAGLIO

Insulating for industry and building resistant up to a temperature of 600° for insulation pipes, tanks, valves and various structures


MONASTERIK PARK RITAGLIOpadova ospedale nuovo ritaglio

Product salt-resistant, acrylic, silicone to be applied on green concrete and damp before applying resin or enamel

The staff makes Vires application courses resins limited.

corso-resinaIt also provides a custom design service for the choice of effects and chromatic nuances of your future flooring resin.

From the architects, industry experts and creative

dalla-parte-degli-architettiThe variety of products and stylistic proposals, divided into sectors studied with precision, makes the line design fits a wide variety of users: architects, industry professionals, and creative individuals in general.

Vires: High quality paints for private and industrial use

Vires has been a market leader for over 60 years and thanks to a skilled labour force and our equipment, it has gained a high quality reputation and a significant position in the market.

The range of products Vires manufactures is suitable for a wide field of applications, such as: anticorrosion, marine sector, decorative, construction, flooring, wood and car-refinishing.

Thanks to the variety and high specification of our products and to our skilled technicians we are in a position to supply our customers with a wide range of products, from standard to special applications.

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Special offer

Vires will supply paints at factory prices to all customers contacting our commercial department info@vires.it

Do not hesitate to contact us! Our technicians are available to advise you the best applicative cycles and solutions.



Vires is currently evaluating distributors in Italy and abroad.

If you are a distributor and wish to stock our products, please call us at +39 011 411 1718 or email us at amministrazione@vires.it for more informations.

at VIRES we are also offering courses for applicators, taught by our experienced staff. Contact us if you are interested in  this opportunity to understand and get the best results with our special products!


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