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Vires has been a market leader for over 60 years and thanks to a skilled labour force and to our equipment, it has gained a high quality reputation and a significant position in the market.
The range of products Vires manufactures is suitable for a wide field of applications, such as: anticorrosion, marine sector, decorative, construction, flooring, wood and car-refinishing.

Thanks to the diversification and specificity of our products and to our skilled technicians we are in a position to secure our customers a wide range of products, from standard to special applications.

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Special offer

Vires will supply paints at factory prices to all customers contacting our commercial department info@vires.it

Do not hesitate to contact us! Our technicians are available to advise you the best applicative cycles and solutions.



Vires is currently evaluating distributors in Italy and abroad.

If you are a distributor and wish to stock our products, please call us at +39 011 411 1718 or email us at amministrazione@vires.it for more informations.

at VIRES we are also offering courses for applicators, taught by our experienced staff. Contact us if you are interested in  this opportunity to understand and get the best results with our special products!


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